Sat 4/18 B-Day in Borrego

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Mar 14, 2006
Sandy Eggo
OK, so being optimistic about my Birff job this weekend, I would like to finally get the Rig out this season with peace of mind. I have only been wheeling once this season back in January.
So for my B-Day weekend I want to take two other couples in my rig wheeling for the day.
My goal is to wheel some trails I have yet to explore out in the area. I just got off the phone with the ranger station and talked with a nice lady ranger who gave me a description of the two areas I am trying to choose between.

One area is Chariot Canyon and Rodriguez Canyon. I wanted to verify if Charriot really went through from the 78 at Banner to S2. I would like to wheel the loop starting from S2 at Mile Marker 27 on Chariot Cny. and back on Rodriguez canyon. And if someone needed to cut out early they could continue straight and out to the 78 at Banner. But the ranger said she has not been in these two canyons in some time but she recommended starting at Banner because you don't want to try and go up the hill but rather down the hill into Charriot Cny. I'm sure it is probably not imposible but all I can do is take her word. She says these canyons are tight and a bit rutted.

So now for the other area I am thinking of, the Bow Willow area just West of Ocotillo off of S2. There are a number of trails that all come back to the Hwy so we could cut back at anytime to the Hwy or keep going out and around the outer loop until the end that leads us back to S2. The ranger says she would recommend that area because of it's beauty and feels it is one of the most beautiful areas of the park.
So I am interested in getting at least one of you to join me or many of you. I am also interested in hearing from any of you who have ventured out on these trails.

Sory for the long winded post but I tried to sum it up as much as possible. OK OK I will stop now. :flipoff2:
Oh, one other important tid bit I got from the Ranger. If accessing Charriot Canyon from the 78 at Banner, don't mess around by the mines. Just move right through because in the past the owners were un-friendly folks who kept trespassers off there land with shot guns. :eek:
I went down Chariot/Oriflamme canyon 6 months ago. I would say it was about a1.5 - 2 out of 5 difficulty in one section. I did not go back up Rodriquez canyon but heard it is very similar. There is a great spot for lunch at the bottom where the 2 meet with some good shade trees. We did not investigate the mines since they were posted private no trespassing, other groups were there climbing on equiptment, so to each his own. We did continue down the S2 toward Ocotillo but went to the Dos Cabeza loop south of bow willow. This whole area is good scenery for flowers but not much wheeling, most is doable in a car. But very cool none the less. Here is a map link I found 6 months ago.

I may be up for the ride pending timing.

I always find it funny that the rangers often know less than the wheelers about the land they manage. Not to diss them too much but like many public employees (which I am one) they never get out and look at what they are responsible for. For example last fall I went backpacking up San Jacinto with a permit to stay the night in round valley. It had been years since I had been there and asked the rangers if the spring was still there so I would not have to pack up 2 days of water. The answer was no there is no spring or water. To my surprise when I get there the field rangers are filling their bottles at the spring but do advise us to treat it if we use it. Needles to say I carried 2 gallons,15 lbs of water and no filter or tablets. Hand not knowing what the foot is doing. I don't know if this is intentional to keep stupid people from making mistakes or they simple do not know. Maybe both, but others experiences may be different.
Yeah, I figured the trail was doable and I assured her I had a very capable vehicle. My preference would be to do the Chariot / Rodriguez Loop especially if Bow Willow is car friendly. And if someone has to bail out early then they can go up and out to the 78 at banner instead of finishing the loop.
So how long did it take you to run Chariot Canyon?

I also told the Ranger that I would call back and let them know how the trail was for future inquiries.
More than likely landcruising talked to Nancy in the rangers office. Nancy knows her stuff. The mine owners being protective is a well know fact although the shotgun sounds like a stretch. The land owners in the area even set up cones in front of the gate to deter people from accessing what is a public road.

Here a link to some pics of a few mines in the area. We had the owners permission to be there.

BorregoFest 2008 Julian Run pictures by 1scottp - Photobucket
Bluetribal said:
So for my B-Day weekend I want to take two other couples in my rig wheeling for the day.

Six adults in an 80 is a tight fit. Are we talking about six Asians or six Samoans?
Yeah, I know it will be tight but I am hoping one of my buddies will take his 00' Tundra and carry some of my passengers. Otherwise my :princess: being the shortest will have to ride 3rd row.
I did it with my parents and Nephews in Death Valley and it worked out OK. The hardest part is the drive to and from the trail because once on the trail you always find an excuse to stop every now and then.
where is this Bow Willow area? didn't see it on the map...
The wedding isn't for another year so I can still be an A$$ for another year :p

Talked to one of my buddies tonight at Softball and it looks like his lady will be out of town so that will make it a little more comfortable with 5.

Now I just need one of you to join me in getting the trucks dirty...... I have even broken down and hit up my Heep buddy since my Tundra and Colorado buddies can't make it.
Now I just need one of you to join me in getting the trucks dirty...... I have even broken down and hit up my Heep buddy since my Tundra and Colorado buddies can't make it.

Post it over in the LA County Trail Crew section or on the main section.

Stan, his son Jeff and I are in. We were planning on going out the 18th for the weekend. It's about the only weekend both of us have open before Coyote Canyon closes on June 1. We don't have a lot planned as I've mentioned in our PM's. I wanted to go run Carrizo Canyon which is just south of Bow Willow. Depending on time, etc perhaps run out to the Old Carrizo Stage Coach station or up Seco del Diablo, down the drop and out Fish Creek past the wind caves...or not. We're wide open and don't want to get up Coyote too late. Just want to kick back and have a nice relaxing evening up there. Know you are just in for the day.

Would going down Chariot or Rodriguez from Banner outside Julian, hitting S2 down to Carrizo Canyon work? Thoughts? Carrizo Canyon is a fun litte 6 miles in and out. Nothing challenging at all and easily done if your friend in a Tundra comes along. Out at the end, the wooded train tressle is viewable, but not hikable - tried that a few years back.

Anyone else up for an evening at Sheep Canyon?

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