Rewireing Cost

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Dec 15, 2007
North Bend, OR
I have more projects then time right now and I dispise wireing. There is a local shop near by that is willing to redo it but I have yet to call him to talk price.

I do not need anything special on this junker. Just enough to make it street legal. Brakes, turns, headlights and tail lights. Don't even need reverse. ohh and it needs to charge the battery and start. Other than that I'm good. None of my gauges work so I'm not worried about that either for now.

What should I expect for a reasonalbe quote. Hopefully I can afford to do it. To many projects not enough money or time.

I paid just over 1K to have a shop totally rewire my 40. All I bought was a waterproof Painless harness & nothing else. They heat shrunk all connections, added one guage, new battery cables & terminals, mounted new fuse box, rehooked up stereo, inst. misc. isolators, & wrapped all wiring in flex tubing. It took them over a week to complete. It sounds high for the do-it-yourselfer, but my wiring skills are one :banana: so I felt comfortable paying the ca$h.
I did it myself (with the help of my husband)

and it took about 4 weeks with an average of 1-2 hours per day (let's just say there was some obsessive-compulsive documenting-everything-I-found-and-everything-I-put-in in writing involved :rolleyes:)

knowing my wiring diagram by heart quickly saved a monetary problem I had on the trail at Cruise Moab this year :grinpimp: :bounce2: another rig wasn't that lucky :frown:, and he had to be towed/winched out for some two hours :eek:
It is about a 40 hour job, so it would be about $2,000 at the local shop rate of $50 per hour.

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