Replacing spider and spider bearings.

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Jul 23, 2009
Should I consider replacing the Spider and Spider bearing with ones from Napa? Or is Toyota the only source for parts such as this? Thanks for any information on this.
Napa used to be good, but as of late they are kinda like Auto Zone.


Maybe not the cheapest, but they'll know what part you're talking about.
Toyota is the only choice worth considering for this part, IMHO. The rear U-joints on my 80 are the originals at 345,000 miles.
Cruiser outfitters caries matsubie joints or Toyota put the irk in the right place so you can grease them also
Probably pick up a nice set of used ones from anyone that has put in an auto style locker.
Haha, now I'm wondering what the OP meant.

-Were you talking the U-joints or are you talking your differential gears?

-Either way, I stick by what I said about NAPA - longtime employees have quit, those still there just have become complacent, what used to be a great store 15 yrs ago is a blue/yellow logo'ed Autozone today. Bummer.
Oh yeah, what was he referring to??
Spider gears are in the differential. Spicer invented the U-joint and still makes them to this day.
I am referring to the u joints. I got the Napa brand one's. Had them about 14 hours and returned them before I made the mistake of letting dollars be the deciding factor. I got 243,000 on the first set. Might as well get that piece of mind while I'm in there don't ya think? THANKS to. All that CONTRIBUTE(d> to this THREAD and this. FORUM.

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