Rear Diff Lock Actuator

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Jul 26, 2012
Anyone any ideas as to solve the known rear actuator problem without buying a new one, must be a way round it or different setup...
Take it apart, clean it, regrease it. Possibly re-glue motor magnets. Clean electrical connections as well.
Have already tried that, totally shot so need either a secondhand one or another setup to make it work
Do you know which part of the setup isn't working. When I got my truck it was rusted solid. These things are built well and can usually be fixed. Are your brush leads intact does the armiture turn. Do the springs flex. Is it timed right. Are the wires to the harness intact. I have a used one for parts only but its missing the brushes and the armiture is no good. Are you sure of the polarity of the magnets. If you can figure out the problem I may have what you can use.
Of coarse if you have the money just buy a new one. If I did I would've. Much easier.:cheers:
Does yours come with the full alloy casing, the threaded actuator bolt and the two gears....
Hi there I am half way through fixing mine the only tip I can give is that if the magnets have come free and you have to re glue them make sure you get them facing the right north / south you can find pics on how it looks but a big help ...I know had to re glue mine twice as the motor will not spin if wrongly installed...good luck:)

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