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Feb 18, 2013
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, eh!
Hey guys,
I need a quick favour. Does anyone know off the top of their head (or have their truck close by) how wide the OEM radiator is? I've got the height at 21.5" forgot to measure the height. I'm USING my time at work to shop for a custom rad :)

Thanks in advance!
WHY? So what's the backstory on wanting a CUSTOM radiator?
Oh God damnit! I knew someone was gonna ask :)
Nothing really that exciting. Just doing the Cummins swap and I wanna try to avoid using Dustin's fail prone thermostat housing/AC adapter. Also don't like the routing of all the pipes. So IL gonna mount it in front of the Rad with the inlet/outlet going over the top, straight to the intake/turbo.
who are you looking at having make your radiator?
Not sure yet. If u can find a universal one that specs out, I'll grab that. If I can't, I'll have to have one made. I can't imagine the cooling difference between the OEM and a 2.5" shorter, aluminum, multi-row will be that drastic. The custom one may be better
tough to find a universal, ime. I've got a custom one coming from Steel Nutz in California, should be here by the end of the week. I found 3 options in the states:

1) Ron Davis - didn't call based on reviews of "taking forever." Also, may be another $100 or $200 more expensive? Not sure.
2) Griffen - supposedly ironed out, but the lady you are supposed to talk to (Michelle) didn't know anything about our radiators and told me I would probably need to ship in the stock radiator.
3) Steel Nutz - Mike answered phone, said he knew what needed to be done and I paid my money. Fits stock mounts and comes with grommets, cap etc. Said it would take 2 weeks, took 4. Another guy locally got one done for his swap.

They all seemed to be about $800 for rad, $450 for dual electric fans and custom shroud. Be cool would be another option, and I believe in Michigan. Hope this helps.
Mid 1998 Dodge went to the computer controlled 24 valve. Ultimately, more power available but the mods are much more expensive.
12 valve for this guy. Simple, no fuss!

About damn time!
So, has anyone had any luck working a large inter cooler back onto these transplants?
Anyone checked out Flex-a-lite? They have a pretty large selection of radiators, and what they don't have, they can probably make to your spec.
what's the plan to mount the 31x19 rad?
Make tabs/mounts so it sits inside the engine compartment , similar to how the OEM sits. Just a bit lower. Then mount the IC in front of it, between the bulkhead where the condenser normally mounts.

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