Quick Update !

May 20, 2007
Buford, GA
Hello everyone.
-I just wanted to give ya'll a real quick update on how things are going with my dad's and my 66 Fj40.

- It seems to be a slow process, I just want to get her out on the road.

-We have sand blasted the frame. Then we used metal ready, por 15, and por 15 black chassi coat. [ So the frame is done ]

- We have cleaned up both axles along with the leaf springs, gas tank and painted them with a coat of the por 15 black chassi.

Everything this far is looking real nice.

- Right now we are just sandblasting a few small parts. We might start sand blasting the hood today. Im not sure.

Any advice on how we can speed up the sandblasting process.
-Im kinda dreading having to sandblast the entire tub and hood.

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