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Aug 24, 2011
Stouffville Ontario
Hi guys ... 1st off GREAT to be back on the 'build page' !!
After all the personal BS stuff and finally finding a project that makes me excited about building again ... I FOUND ONE !!

After 2 years of searching I finally stumbled across a 1973 FJ55 . The guy was literally days away from placing the truck on BAT when I stumbled across his video, chased him down to find he was in BC and did the deal. 2 weeks later she's home sweet home ...

So this 55 has been completely restored, BUT not with original interior nor the drivetrain which makes it a fantastic candidate for my next build.

To most of you this 55 is perfect ... to me this thing has the workings to be one of the finest Resto-modded FJ55 / PIGGY ever built

So here is my plan;

Look and feel - slightly on the Resto side, keeping with the original overall look and feel of the truck. Just a few changes on the outside ...
Making this truck the ultimate sleeper ...

This build will be super clean and very tastefully done

700HP LSA with Billet assembly
New 6L80 6 speed
60 series power steering conversion
Advance Adapters
NEW Split case from Japan
OME with FOX2.0 shocks
PSI Harness
Wilwood 6 Piston
Dakota Digital HDX
Custom CNC billet dash
Recaro M Houndstooth 2x2
Full custom interior
Spark Industries Truss polished wheel
Electric-Life power windows
Resto-Mod Air Vapir 3S with Reactor Controls
AAW HWY22 chassis harness
Switch Pro's SP9100 electronic switch panel
4X4 Labs rear bumper
4Plus front bumper
Custom Wheelsmith smoothie wheels

Here she is, arrived this morning


IMG_9121 by Steve Heck, on Flickr

IMG_9128 by Steve Heck, on Flickr

IMG_9133 by Steve Heck, on Flickr
Jan 6, 2012
Nice project. LSA will be a good motor. May be tough to keep cool. Have you considered running a atlas rather than a split case?

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