power steering pump rebuild

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May 11, 2012
Lititz, Pa
I just replace motor mounts on 93 it was a pain without a hoist. I am looking to rebuild power steering pump any helpful hints thanks.
Use the search function. Search by user name Romer. He has a good rebuild thread he did.
If you need any help after you sift through the threads then ask away.

I recommend a new low pressure hose that goes from the reservoir to the pump, and a new bearing. I believe the rebuild kit includes most everything else. (LP Hose can be any piece of hose from the local store that is rated for hydraulic fluid, I have a red double walled piece of Gates for mine.)

Snap ring pliers, impac gun, and a 2x4".
An impact gun makes it much easier to get the nut off the gear, otherwise a pretty easy job.

Seems like there was one O-ring that was easy to skip over, make sure you get them all replaced.
got a rebuilt one on the shelf here or a non rebuilt non leaking one as well...............

depending on your down time available you could buy one of these and direct swap the one or rebuild at your leasure then swap in. Otherwise the rebuild isnt too bad especially with those links. just an option. Pm if interested.

be sure to get the gear seated right or you will get a ticking noise. I used calipers to measure the height of the gear off the face and then confirmed the new gear was within spec. Good luck.
Be a good time to consider upgrading to the 105 sector shaft.

I haven't realized the benefit of the upgrade, yet, since I haven't swapped for the new box with, but if tearing into, may be worth checking out.
The kit is ~$15 from Rock Auto, I always replace all of the low pressure lines. It takes ~28" of 3/8" and ~ 12" of 5/8", ~$15 also from Rock Auto.
Tools; are the original low pressure lines 9.8mm and 16mm?? IDK
Tools; are the original low pressure lines 9.8mm and 16mm?? IDK

Don't know, haven't measured them, have installed the Rock Auto line on several rigs with zero issue. Anytime I'm in there, I replace them, we have had a couple low pressure lines blow/break on the trail, not fun! They are not easy to get to, so much easier to replace them at the shop.:hillbilly:

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