SOLD Portland, Oregon: 1985 FJ60 with a 3B (1 Viewer)


Feb 25, 2014
Portland, OR
Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
97203 Portland Oregon, United States
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This is a project I never made time for, and now it's time for it to go. Can be driven up onto a tow truck, but it MUST BE TOWED.


The Truck:
I bought it from a guy here in Portland who didn't have time for this project, three or so years ago. I ripped out the interior, started working on replacing the upholstery, and then a couple months later I found "the one", the truck I drive now. Ever since, this project truck has been sitting around, occasionally getting washed, taking up valuable space.

* It's a 3B of unknown provenance, unknown miles.
* The engine swap is only partially complete.
* It starts, but needs some convincing.
* It runs and drives, but the brakes aren't hooked up.
* Has two new batteries! Manufactured April 2019.
* Nothing electrical is hooked up, but it comes with the (currently installed) original FJ60 wiring harness, as well as a complete wiring harness from a BJ60.
* 4 Speed manual transmission

* Minimal rust! Body is in good condition other than…
* Big dent in rear left quarter :(
* Mudflaps! At least three, maybe all four.
* Front driveline is not connected, but it's included.
* No rear bumper
* Front bumper included, but not installed
* I'm into the patina, but some might say it's ready for new paint

* The interior has been removed, and complete new upholstery including brand new carpet (one of the kits from @TRAIL TAILOR ) is included, but not installed.
* Dash is in awful condition, but it comes with a dash cap which will have it looking like new
* I did find SOME rust in the floor pans on both sides. I cleaned it up and painted it, but you might want to investigate further.
* The steering wheel needs a really good cleaning

Feel free to email with any questions, I'm happy to provide more pictures and information.
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