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Oct 14, 2019
Eugene, Oregon
United States
Hey guys, found and fell in love with this cruiser for sale in Portland, but I'm concerned it's priced too high for the mileage (but this would be my first cruiser so I could be wrong! That's why I'm here). It has 243k miles and is currently listed for 18k. So, I'm here (hoping it's okay) to ask what you guys think would be a fair price on this truck?

It appears to be in immaculate shape, inside and out. Clean title, 2 owners, new tires, new wheels, new timing belt, new leveling kit, locking diff, roof rack and all the bells and whistles seem to be there. Dealer claims that "miles are high but condition suggests that miles were mostly highway miles." Is this a valid claim that can be made for these trucks? Comes with the OEM wheels and tires. I'm attaching a few pictures and the CarFAX.

Questions I have:
  • Is this a fair price as is?
  • If, not where do you suggest I start haggling at?
  • What should I consider a fair maximum beyond which I walk away?
  • Are these nice tires/wheels/roof rack? I've never driven a car with upgraded rims/wheels so I'm admittedly clueless on this.
  • And, are all timing belt replacements created equal? Or can these be cheaper out on?
Thank you so much for your guys' help and advice. I look forward to getting to know you upon purchase of a LC, be it this one or another :banana:






  • 2006 Portland LC Vehicle History.pdf
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Sep 5, 2019
Universal rack on factory cross bars. Nothing special. Wheels are personal preference but check for a matching spare with the same size tire. 20s on 100 series not unheard of but less common on here as most run 16 or 18" for more sidewall off roading.

This 06 has the optional AHC suspension but the ad says has a leveling kit? Did they delete the AHC and swap in a conventional spring/shock setup? Or upgrade the AHC? Would want to ask about that.

TB parts quality should be fine. AISIN is the OE supplier for Toyota.

Don't weigh too much into what a dealer claims or says. They sell cars for a living and unless they personally knew the previous owner, they will tell you whatever you want to hear to divert your attention and make you feel better about buying.
Dec 5, 2016
That basket can be found on Amazon for $95, the wheels are cheap looking..probably belonged on a Tundra at one point and they picked it up cheap. You definitely want to get the original wheels if you can. With that being said, 14-15K is what this is worth if it's really mint. I paid 19K for a super mint 2007 with 190k miles.

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