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  1. J

    STOLEN 88 FJ62 - Portland Oregon

    Hey all, Putting this out there for good measure. My 62 was stolen in Portland OR last night. Looking for a 1988 Landcruiser that was stolen last night or this morning inner SE Portland, OR. 1988 Toyota Landcruiser - Gold - mostly stock appearance. Small dent above rear bumper on drivers...
  2. G

    Import Glass for 94 KZJ78

    Had somebody smash the glass on my Crusier last week and am having a hell of a time finding someone to replace. Been on the phone with an outfit in Canada but trying to find a better solution to replace this window. It's the passenger side rear door fixed window. If anyone has any advice on...
  3. J

    Edit: FJ62 Stolen in Portland, OR - FOUND!

    Hey all, just walked out the door to go to work and had the sinking feeling when I saw the empty parking spot where my rig had been last night. It's a gray 1990 FJ62 (blue interior) with custom front and rear bumpers and rear tire carrier, OME lift on 31" rubber, and h55 conversion. License...
  4. Logical

    For Sale  Portland Oregon, Full Set of 5 18in Tires and Wheels from 2003 LX

    Full set of tires and wheels off a 2003 LX. Tires are 275/60r18 on 18in wheels. Life left on tires and wheels are in super good shape. Available for pickup only.
  5. P

    Wanted  Portland: 2006 Land Cruiser - what's a fair price?

    Hey guys, found and fell in love with this cruiser for sale in Portland, but I'm concerned it's priced too high for the mileage (but this would be my first cruiser so I could be wrong! That's why I'm here). It has 243k miles and is currently listed for 18k. So, I'm here (hoping it's okay) to ask...
  6. lechnito

    Portland Metro Cruiser Meetup: 3/11/18 - 12:00 PM @ Level Beer

    Hi everyone! I'm excited to announce the next official Portland Metro Cruiser meetup has been scheduled for noon this Sunday at Level Beer in industrial NE. This should be a nice opportunity to meet your fellow Landcruiser enthusiasts, chat about our rigs, and enjoy the unseasonably sunny...
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