Poly gas tanks

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Apr 20, 2019
Portland, OR
First post, not a car person though I try to impersonate one every other Saturday at the Community College working on my '74 FJ40. A couple years ago, I took the gas tank out, used POR15 putty on all the soft spots and then painted it with POR15. It's held well until a couple days ago when it started leaking again. I'm thinking of just getting one of the 12.5 gallon poly tanks. I don't need to worry about DEQ here because I'm one year under the date where it's required. I put a Weber carb on and just closed off the three ports on top and the one for return fuel. I got a vented gas cap and it's been running fine, though I only drive it in and out of the garage and in and out of the the work space at class (tow it there). My question is do I need to worry about continuing to block all those ports with a poly tank?
@beno had the best price last year on an OEM tank. A little pricey, but having something that fit right and wouldn’t cause trouble when it got hot( from what I read) was worth it.

If you want to do some clean up work, I still have the old tank I’d let go for a cheap price. It didn’t leak, but the outlet is clogged. It’ll pass air, but not fluid. I only bought the new one because it was still available.
@Downey or @65swb45 can help with your
Poly tank questions.

Mark (65swb45) sells a poly fuel cell.

FYI Just because your old tank rusted, doesn’t mean a new steel tank will rust... if it’s prepped right and maintained.
Thanks much. You've convinced me. I wondered about how much I'd miss those 4 gallons. I get another steel tank.
about 50 miles


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