PHH workaround question

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Jan 24, 2012
Minnetonka, MN
Where are the bolts that secure the hard coolant line connected to the head via the PHH? I found one bolt next to the EGR valve.

Has anyone else removed the hard line or did you just bend it out of the way
Just remove the top bolt and cut the PHH in two and then wiggle the metal tube back and forth until the lower bracket breaks off. Takes about 5 minutes. Then it is easy to lift out. You can also just reuse the metal tube as it is easy to replace instead of using 3 feet of hose.
The bottom bolt faces the firewall. With the front wheel off and skirts removed you can reach back there and remove by feel. I believe I used a racheting box end wrench. It was a lot of fun...

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Would suggest running heater hose directly from PHH block nipple to the heater valve, saves two connections. If you do this make sure you get at a minimum Gates Green Stripe hose or silicone hose - it gets hot under there!
Here's what it looks like with the intake removed.
The upper tab is behind/below the EGR valve.
The lower tab has the bolt head on the firewall side.
Hope this helps a little.


Just an FYI, napa sells the gates 9 1/16" hose. It's made for napa so it has a yellow stripe instead of green. Same stuff though
We offer several different options to address this modification, all spec'd with Breeze lined constant torque clamps. If you need any further help feel free to contact us.

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