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Dec 23, 2009
Does anyone have a phone number for PFRAN's? I ordered some LED lights some time ago and have been trying to clarify my order with no response via email with numerous attempts. Initially I was told they were running behind then suddenly they were available...order was to ship the next day, then they questioned whether or not I had paid, I couldn't verify payment at my end and explained I could run it again if they showed it I can't get a response.

I would love to get this order completed...any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks,
When I ordered from Pfran I paid through paypal. There is numerous ways to verify payment. For instance, the email after payment is transfered.

Pfran has always been responsive when I ordered from him. Are you sure you paid correctly?
Put a post in the 100 forum ,thats may help
I had a similar issue a couple months back. Took a few weeks to get a response.:meh:
Likewise here. Turned out he was on vacation. He also had no stock of the parts I ordered. All in all it took about 5 weeks to get my parts.
I would highly recommend that you contact vendors to make sure they have product before just shooting off an order. Many are not conventional businesses with stock and staff.
Anyone made to contact Fran .. I place an order last week but not even get mail confirming my order ..

He's probably on holidays/vacation. Give him some time.

I recently did business with him and was satisfied with the service considering he does it in his spare time.:cheers:
^ This. Give it a little time.
A friend ordered some stuff from him recently as well, same issue - no response after repeated requests. He filed a dispute with PayPal, got his stuff shipped that same day.

Sometimes you just have to ring the right bell for service...
CruiseOrlando said:
A friend ordered some stuff from him recently as well, same issue - no response after repeated requests. He filed a dispute with PayPal, got his stuff shipped that same day.

Sometimes you just have to ring the right bell for service...

Nah he was probably out of stock or away for a trip. Pauls a good guy and will get it squared. I ordered twice from him and he was out of stock one time. Its worth the wait.
Just got mail from Paul this morning .. will update here how that goes .. but I always see the glass half full, so he's just probably busy or not well organized for the amount of order he had.
Paul is great, nothing but excellent customer svc. Highly recommended.
Looks like there might be more than one or two people who have not been taken care from Paul Fran lately. I ordered over $100 worth of LEDs from his website back on June 10th. After a few weeks of not hearing or seeing anything from him, I sent out an email. We emailed back and forth a few times and finally got my order shipped out to me, it arrived on July 7th.

When I opened it there were some missing LEDs... no big deal, I've read good things about him and I figured I would just email him again and get it squared away, right? Well the last time I heard from him was back on July 5th. I have attempted to email him on three separate occasions and you can all do the math and see that I haven't heard a word from him in over three weeks now.

I have been talking with PayPal and trying to get it resolved, but without any cooperation or a word from Paul, its growing rather difficult and frustrating. I have read from multiple people that he is a good guy, give him time, he might be on vacation, etc, but that is just terrible business practice and some of the worst customer service I have experienced. No communication for over three weeks after you take over $100 from the customer? Not even a simple auto-response stating that you are out of town, or whatever the situation is? Really?

With experiences like this, why would anyone want to take their business or refer anyone to pfranleds? I know next time I need any lighting I will be finding someone else who is more deserving and values the business that they receive. Buyers beware! If you want to be strung along and treated like your money is all they care about without delivering proper customer service or the product advertised, then look no further; but if you want to be taken care of and treated like a first class customer, than I suggest looking elsewhere. I know I learned my lesson the hard way.
Pm him on mud. Works for me. Reference your order number too when you do. Hth
I know Paul personally, and he is a BUSY man with a family trying to pay for the good life, and while I cannot vouch for him not giving responses on time, his LED business is not his main form of income, so if he is busy, which he usually is, he might not get to you. He is a great guy, and is going to try and start stocking kits at ACC in the near future to help alleviate his stock issue. Hopefully this situation will get worked out, and I am a happy customer of PFRAN LEDs.
I have no doubt that he is a great guy. Obviously someone picking up that much extra responsibility to care for his family is a good person. It is also quite evident that he is a very busy man, but with running a business you have got to understand the responsibility and requirements of doing such. If he is so busy where he can't keep up and it is hurting his business, he has to do something about it... there are lots of options.

As someone who works in public relations, I completely understand the frustrations of dealing with unhappy customers and how a large organization or small business can remedy weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

I don't want any of my posts to be misconstrued in any way. I do not know Paul personally and do not want to flame him or his persona, but feel that there are parts of his business practices that can be improved upon. As I have stated in my previous three emails to him, if he is willing to resolve the issue, I would be happy to hear him out.

I have said my peace and will continue to wait somewhat patiently for a response, if one ever comes.

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