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Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901 United States
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Triple locked 1996 FZJ80 Land Cruiser with 178,000 miles. 2nd owner. Purchased in 2001 with 70600 miles and babied it as a second vehicle until now- replacing this vehicle with a new 200. Meticulously kept. Stored in garage. Kept with Toyota recommended preventative maintenance. Great condition . Minor body rust (maybe 1/4" x 3/4") at liftgate window lower left corner and similar at the windshield upper left corner. Maintenance records and pictures at the DropBox link below. Serious inquiry PM me. Asking 22k$.

Front, rear, center differential lockouts. Solenoids replaced within last year.

Catalytic converter, shocks, belt, alternator, battery, knuckles, brake master cylinder, starter, liftgate dampers, replaced within last 8 years.

Mostly everything in the Air Conditioning system has been replace since 2015.

Stereo with navigation, blue-tooth, Apple CarPlay, backup camera, speakers, alarm replaced two years ago.

New leather on front seats (getting installed first week of May 2021). 3rd row seats were removed and stored indoors (Reinstalled recently for sale).

Lights (except headlight) converted to LED.
Ctr Diff Lockout relay-177k (02/21) and All 3 Diffs switches – 177k (02/21)
Catalytic Converter 173k (08/19)
Battery- 175k (8/20). ((11/20) 600CCA Rated, 621 CCA Actual) [*car sat in garage mostly undriven- battery wasn’t charged often]
Alternater- 170k (11/17)
Wiper Blades- 173k (07/19)
Oil 175k (08/20)
Air Filter- 163k (4/15)
Plugs, rotor, cap, wires- 169k (09/16)
Valve Clearance Adj-169k (09/16)
Valve cover gasket- 173k (07/19)
Manifold gasket- 170k (11/17)
Knuckles rebuilt- 173k (09/19)
Starter- 170k (11/17)
Serpentine belt- 175k (8/20)
PCV valve- 169k (09/16)
Fuel Sys flush- 173k (7/19)
Fuel Filter- 169k (09/16)
Front Diff fluid- 175k (09/19)
Rear Diff fluid- 169k (09/16)
Auto trans fluid- 169k (9/16)
Pwr Steering fluid- 175k (8/20)
Brake fluid- 173k (09/19)
Brake Master Cylinder replaced 173k (9/19)
Radiator fluid- 145k (8/11)
Brakes- Front pads- 173k (9/19) Front Rotors- 173k (9/19), Rear pads- 173k calipers (9/19) Rear Rotors-165k (10/15)
Shocks- 151k (8/13)
Tires- 147k (5/14) Michelin 275-70R16-114H LTXM. Tread at 176K (11/20) LF+RF 9/32, LR+RR 8/32.
Rotate- 175k (08/20)
Alignment- 153k (10/13)
Spare Tire- (11/17) 275-70R16
Alarm replaced w/ start disable- AudioVox Pursuit Pro 9644i.
Audio system replaced.
-amplifier- 720w/ Kenwood KAC 8405B
-head unit- Kenwood DMX9706S/ hands free, apply car play, backup camera
-speakers- 7- 4 Pioneers in doors, 2 Pioneer in dash, 8" subwoofer with mount.





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