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Apr 15, 2008
i changed the tires from a 31/1050 to 32/1150. is it necessary to change any of the gearing? it does not seem to cruise as well at high speeds.
that small of a change i wouldnt think any gearing needs changing. im running 33x12.5 and mine cruises fine on the freeway. check out randy's ring and pinion, they have a calculator to determine how far off your final gearing is from stock now. what year is your cruiser?
according to the calculator theres only a 80 rpm difference at 65mph. thats nothing. im suprised you noticed it honestly
im sure he didnt notice, maybe the wider tires is trippin him out
It would be a waste of both time and money to replace gears for such a minor change in tire size. I jumped from 32" tires to 35" tires on my 75 cruiser without changing gears. But I have the 4.11 ring and pinions. So my advice is to keep it as is.
I think that would depend on whether you had the correct gears in the 1st place. Below is a link to a chart for selecting gears. It indiactes 4.11 or 4.27 with 32s.

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