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May 25, 2007
Hey all,

This is my first "build" thread I have ever posted, even though I have now "built up" 2 different 80 series land cruisers. I thought I would post what I'm going to be doing with this little camper build up since it's a vintage trailer to start with.

I purchased this little baby off of craigslist last year for $300 I believe, and the guy I bought it from had acquired it from an old man that had had it for ages. He apparently tooled it around the west camping with his family. After doing some quick research on these little campers, I think mine is an old Stewart brand tent trailer from the late 60's-early 70's. Here is a link to another one just like mine...


Anyhow, here are a couple of pictures of the day I brought her home, deployed the tent and let it get some fresh air. It had not been set up in about 10 years, so it was musty to say the least, but the canvas was in good shape!

photo 1 - Copy (6).JPG

photo 3 - Copy (3).JPG

photo 4 (1).JPG

photo 1 - Copy (4).JPG
As you can see, it's very roomy inside, with 2 full size mattresses able to fit on each side. The plywood is folded when not deployed, and then unfolds to have a nice sleeping platform on each side, with room to stand up and a pop up night stand table. Here's a pic on the way to Overland Expo East last year after I painted it green...

The obvious problem with these little campers is: You can't even go down a damn gravel road without it sounding like it's going to fall apart, with the tiny frame and tires... lol

So here's where the "build" comes in... and I use that term loosely...

photo 4 - Copy.JPG

photo 3 - Copy (2).JPG

photo 2 - Copy (4).JPG
I found this nicely built and very solid trailer frame, including a 3,500# axle and brakes, rear hitch receiver, 35" tires for cheap on craigslist... (can you tell I like buying used?) My plans for the near future are:

-Solicit help from another local mudder (Ukaviator) that has a welder and cutting skills
-cut and weld the green trailer top to the sturdy offroad trailer base
-Wire in a 12v battery setup for lighting and aux plugs
-Solar panel to trickle charge the battery...
-Build a custom roll up/out canvas awning (6x8') to give us some rain/sun shade. The green trailer happens to have some nice "feet" that you set down once parked, and the metal tubes for those feet will make great housings to hold the awning...

Hoping to have it ready for wheeling/camping season!!

photo 2 - Copy (5).JPG

photo 1 - Copy (5).JPG
We are going to transform your little green elf into the incredible hulk!
Can't wait to see this come together, gimme a yell if there's anything I can do to help, I'd be happy to lend a hand.
Cool, thx guys!
Yeah, the guy had shortened a triple axle water tank trailer with a heavy duty frame, removed 2 axles, now is 48" wide frame and 110" total length, perfect for my camper to fit on.

Since the camper has a plywood base that is bolted to it's existing frame, we are just going to prob cut off the suspension and tongue section of old trailer and weld it right on to the new one... Anyone think that's a bad idea?

Subscribed!!!! :) Killer trailer Joel.
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Really like the idea. How did you get the musty smell out of the canvas?
I just set it up and let it air out. It mostly just smelled old, had no mildew or mold or anything...
Nothing wrong with this rig. It will definitely get your blood pumping for excursions. Soon to be what we know know as EXPEDITIONING. Lol. Have fun
That certainly is unique! Looking forward to what you're going to do with it.
Thanks for the encouragement, fellas. When my buddy gets back in town we are going to try to make some progress on the trailer. Hopefully by early Feb. we can get the little green camper fused onto the larger frame. Initial measurements are showing extra room on each side of the trailer, enough to do Propane tank mounts/water/ other items like that. I'm also about to build the 6x8' khaki canvas roll out awning that will mount on the camper as well.

Anyone have any links to LED lighting they have used for campers? If not, google literally has millions of options, but I like to get referrals on products that have been used/tested...

Joel has led tape light, works with 12 volts, comes sealed for outdoor use or unsealed for inside use. has your little camper got any identification or nameplate info? I have one next door I need to go get and bring home; looks almost just like yours but the canvas is all gone and needs redone and there is no box on the that the kitchen or just storage?
The box on the back looks like a custom add on, and the PO used it to store the support poles for the plywood panels that fold out... But great idea, I could make that part a swing out kitchen box...!
I'm glad I found this. I'm actually going to look at one of these this weekend.
Sick, dude!

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