OEM parts gurus - dimensions/pics of stock rear muffler 1978 2F (1 Viewer)

Jul 19, 2015
That’s right it does. But if you want to adapt it to an earlier truck you need the rubber cushion and small L-bracket that bolts to the chassis.

Timely thread bump! I finally completed and installed the exhaust system. As part of this, I finally managed to find a correct original muffler heat shield, and had it media blasted and zinc plated. It’s attached with correct new OE heat shield bolts.

For those playing at home, the same shield was also used on the centre muffler of some 75-Series Cruisers.



Apr 21, 2005
Being the Toyota Never imported the 70 series to the US will are at a disadvantage getting part from the 70 series. If you know the model 75 series would help a lot with a search. Having a 79 FJ40 was able to locate the brackets for the last hanger after the muffler. The non US first header pipe to run over the frame verse under was a lot harder. But a must to run a PTO winch.

12/71-1/75 the muffler had a similar heat shield. It was probably thirty years ago I bought one for my 68 FJ40. Being in the Southwest part of the US it's still in good shape today.

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