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Aug 10, 2004
Queens, NYC and sometimes Orlando, FL
When I bought my cruiser last year, the dealer replaced the belts, but an OEM for the A/C and some aftermarket crap for the alternator :eek:

Well, last week I heard a squeal, so I popped the hood and the alt belts were pretty chewed up :doh:

The OEM A/C belt still looked brand new :)

Picked up a complete set of OEM belts and figured I'd change them on Monday along with a new blue base fan clutch, but the alt belts decided to let go right when I was driving through the ghetto :doh:

Luckily I had my tools with me and was able to get them replaced within 45 minutes :cool:

Not bad considering she was REALLY hot from running without the H2O pump :eek:

Puked about an inch of coolant out of the overflow bottle, but no damage :cool:

Anyhoo, the new belts are sooo much quieter than the previous garbage :eek:

It's like I have a new motor lol :grinpimp:

Quick question:

The old OEM A/C belt came off easily with the tensioner all the way out, but the new OEM belt was very tight and wouldn't go on by hand :confused:

I figure I could've put it on with a prybar (didn't have one on hand), but I just bumped the motor and it slipped on without issue :cool:

Is it normal to be this tight for a new belt :confused:

Is it normal to be this tight for a new belt :confused:

Yup. As a belt ages, it will stretch. You'll want to check them again in a few weeks, they may need tightening up.
Yes, this is typical for the OEM installation. Standard procedure is to "reset" the tensioner idler pulley all the way back for maximum clearance, for the A/C belt, as well as to back off the alternator adjustment all the way. Even then, the belts should barely slip into place with a bit of a struggle. This allows for the kind of abuse and neglect the designers anticipated the vehicle would get, over the life of a set of belts, but then, "ih8mud" hadn't been invented yet !

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