New Door Speaker Option?

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Dec 17, 2013
Memphis, TN
Stereo Integrity has recently released a shallow mount 6.5" mid-range driver with a 2.3" mounting depth. The company is a small independent manufacturer based out of North Carolina but has a cult-like following among DIY audio enthusiasts and is known to produce very high quality speakers/subs.

I know the general rule is to stay under 1 7/8" for font door speaker mounting depth if you wish to retain the factory grills, but I've seen others here on ih8mud install speakers at depths of up to 2.5" without clearance problems so I'd like to hear from fellow mudders if they believe this could be a viable option.

Follow the link below for additional product details:
Looks like overall depth is 4" so it may interfere with the dash... could this potentially work in the rear doors?
Your link is to a woofer. That would probably sound like crap, even with the speakers by the knee.

I put in Polk Audio speakers. I used the plastic ring to space it out, and put it on the outside of the door panel so it doesn't interfere with the window mechanism.
Ahh yes, looks like its max frequency is only 2,500 Hz
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I went to crutchfield to see what speaker was available for the front door, then went to Ebay to buy `em cheaper. Fit just fine. Only issue I had was the PO had already replaced the original speakers and they were toast. Drivers door speaker wasn`t connected due to bad wire routing and they used wood screws to install them in the door..Booty fab all the way..Problem solved.
Check out CDT Audio is to 4 inch components slim line they also have Ultra slim line 6.5's ... I have their standard 6.5 components in front and rear doors and just made rear pillar pods for the 4 inch..



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