Needing a new battery (recommendations)

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Oct 21, 2014
No where fast.....
Needing a new battery, Any recommendations? I've heard bad things about Opitma's

Also, where's the best place to buy from?

There will be a million opinions on this but I have had great luck with Interstate batteries. They have a new AGM battery out that we used on the Alaska Cruiser Trek and it performed great! We had a ton of stuff running on it too.
I guess I'm a Black Sheep......I went this route: 4 Wheel Parts


Another vote for Interstate - I use the deep cycle battery with the extra studs on the top post for attaching my winch wire leads.
Interstate, but if money isn't a problem The Odyssey's are pretty great.

The bad things you've heard about Optima are true - they're unpredictable, failing unexpectedly and often after only a short time from new. Optima's were good once but something changed about ten years ago. There's still people who have old ones that have been good for them but I wouldn't let anyone talk me into buying one now.

GA Architect - that's a good price for that battery - about $40. less than I paid each for the two I have under my driver's seat, and they're PC1200's.
Sears no longer has the Die Hard (Odyssey) in the flavor you need.

Buy the Odyssey (best) if it's in the budget. If not, the Interstate. I just put a giant Interstate MTP-27F in my 40 with new SS batt tray. Yes, I have new 00 cables to put in, too.


Amazon would not take back my yellow Optima in my CRV that died in two years. They told me they could not receive hazardous material. So I won't buy a battery online again. The red top in my rig is going on 6 yrs and is healthy but that'll be my last Optima. I've got a little over 6 yrs on the Odyssey in my GMC and it's still healthy also.
Also I've been using the CRC battery protectant and cleaner forever. Both in a spray can. I haven't seen a spec of battery corrosion (on my vehicles) in decades. Give the terminals a light spray a few times a year and you'll never have to clean'em. Good stuff.
I used to work at an Interstate Battery factory when I was younger. They product a good product.
Interstate gets my vote!!
Awesome, thanks for everyone's response.

Looks Like it might be Interstate. Just noticed they sell them at Costco.

Thanks again,
I have not had good luck with the more recent Optimas, since they got purchased and moved their manufacturing, so would not recommend them at this time. However, I have a yellow top in my Pig from 2008, and dual Blue tops in my 40 from early 2011.
Another vote for Interstate - I use the deep cycle battery with the extra studs on the top post for attaching my winch wire leads.
This is the way to go, my interstate deep cycle cranks even after several months sitting in Maine's mid- winter season. and the added posts make it easier to hook up the winch followed by a 400 amp fuse before the winch motor.

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