Need front bumper left replaced

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Jan 30, 2020
Hello All,

i woke up to part of my bumper missing this morning. I’ve seen so many offering on eBay for after market replacements. What would you all recommend based on photo?

If you want a stock replacement,
Look in the parts section
Check ebay
(Check the dealership and see if they still have it)
If the above fails...
Lift it & put a winch and aftermarket bumper on :meh:
It's just a plastic bolt-on. Should be able to find a good used one cheap.
@slow95z may have used parts.

What year?
I might have one, need year for sure
That bike tire will do the job just as well :eek:
If there's one person on here that truly needs a big steel bumper its you! I've only been to NYC once but the parking carnage I witnessed was forever burned into my memory.

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