For Sale MT: Like New OE Suspension and Body Parts off 4k mile 2020 200 series (1 Viewer)

Oct 9, 2018
I just did the Tundra-parts long travel suspension thing to my wife's new 200, and had ARB bumpers fitted, so have a bunch of virtually new parts we don't need anymore. I'm going to individually list the suspension parts below with prices (figure a reasonable formula is half what these list for on Someone repairing a crashed 200, or someone with zany ideas might want some or all of the body parts, just make me an offer on those.

I'm open to reasonable offers, and happy to ship promptly at your cost. Payments by check or PayPal please.

Everything here is off a 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser (non-heritage) with 4,000 miles on it. Other than a little grime, all this stuff is like new. We're located in Bozeman, Montana if you'd like to pick anything up. Happy to provide photos, but Mud didn't play nice with uploading all of them.

I haven't sold anything here before, but have a public-facing career. Googling me should satisfy any concerns you have about reliability.

- OME Nitrocharger Sport firm rear shocks (pair), part number 61030. When I was ordering the BP-51s, ARB was sold out of rears, so I bought these as a temporary stand in, then they got the BP-51s back in stock just a few days later. My mistake is your opportunity to get these half price, they've never been fitted. $120 total for both. SOLD

- Front coilovers.
I can't actually find these on the Toyota Parts site, so let's say $200 for both.

- CVs. $500 for both, $250 for one.

- Rear springs. $80.

- Panhard rod. Can't find it on the parts site. Call it $50.

- Lower control arms (all bushing and bearings present). $200 for both. SOLD

- Upper Control Arms (all bushing and bearings present). $400 for both.

- Tie Rod Ends. $100 for both.

- Random Stuff. Tell me what you want and make me an offer.
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