Metal Prep bonds removal question

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Oct 3, 2017
Long Island
I purchased a steel tub with significant body filler everywhere. By significant I mean almost 1/2" I'm some areas and 1/
4" in rear. I had the inside and bottom of the tub blasted and the bottom appears to be in pretty good shape. I began to remove the bondo on the rear quarter - first with heat gun and chisel, 2nd with 80grit. Good news is the metal seems good. No rust. Bad news is it appears my removal technique seems to be a bit aggressive. See pic below with the steel and some gouges from the chisel. If the tub is good, I'd like to use as little bondo as possible. Are these blemishes in the steel something that can be sanded out, or filled in with high build primer, or does it look like I'm going to have to skim the entire tub with filler.
Why not use a small air sander to remove most of the filler in the thicker areas and then have the rest media blasted, and while that’s being done maybe the interior should be touched up a bit.
Why would you ever take a chisel to a body panel you intended on using again? Even worse than the damage you can see is the damage you can’t. You’re likely warping the panels by hitting them like that. You should be using a sander or a grinder with a mild abrasive wheel. Even then, you can’t be too aggressive or risk warping the metal.

You can’t use most high build primers directly to metal.

A body filler is going to be a much better body filler than high build primer is going to. I don’t understand why you’re so opposed to using body filler, but completely ok with throwing down tons of high build primer.
Most people’s aversion to body filler comes from someone’s else’s careless use of it. Proper use of filler is certainly nothing to avoid. A sander and abrasive pad would be a better choice. The gouges can be repaired and I would be careful to Remove only enough to figure out why it is there. Then replace panels only if it is necessary.
I wish I knew why the filler was so thick. Before I decided to go all in I did some test patches and the filler was too thick for my liking. I continued a bit today. Sanding or grinding would just generate way too much dust where it's currently stored. I'm trying to be diligent regarding the heat applied. How does one notice if they're warping the medal. Is it a slow process? I visually don't see warping yet. Hopefully I'm ok. A couple pics..personally I'm ok with filler. Just not in the quantity that's there



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