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Jun 15, 2006
Ipswich, MA, North Dakota, Phoenix
Just returned to Massachusetts to avoid the hot summer in Phoenix. We drove to North Dakota first (1700 miles) to visit relatives, stayed for 10 days, then to Wisconsin, Chicago and Massachusetts (another 1700 or so miles). Total around 3500 miles. The truck has 278,xxx miles on it after 9 years of my ownership. Before the trip I replaced the waterpump as a precaution (old one was still OK, but showing slight wear), installed new front rotors and front pads, replaced the alternator brushes (again precaution, old were original and worn), resealed the oil pump (slight leak), installed a new radiator, thermostat and fan clutch last year after some overheating issues- no more problems as verified by scangauge, and bought 2 new front Michilins (old had over 70,000 miles!). Rears are new. The truck uses a quart of oil every 2500 or so miles. No problems or issues during the trip. Love this thing. I bought it on a whim from a corner used car dealer that I'd normally not trust and it's been great. Ned
^^^ For real all that beautiful country and no pic's come on bring 'em
Yea, I did my 2nd 4600 mile round trip this past April from Jersey to Moab. She turned 244K miles on Golden Spike. I was down a quart of oil by the time I got home 12 days later.
These are pretty good trucks if you take care of them.
Hell yea!!! We need pictures from along the way though...

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