Local machine shop for wheel repair?

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Oct 25, 2007
Surprise AZ.
This one is a bit odd. I need to find someone who can mill down the INSIDE face of an aluminum wheel I bought. I bought a set of 4, with tires, off of CL but did not notice that one of the rims was damaged on the inside face of the wheel. :bang: I did mount it temporarily on the front to see what was going on. Vibration at around 65 (but could be because it needs balancing) at slow speeds you can see a very slight wobble when driving behind, but you do have to look for it.

I am guessing I need to take off about 0.05 to get it flat.

Any ideas?

Wheel damage.jpg
I am looking for wheel refinishing too.
Machine shop for wheel: Call Todd at S&S Machine 480-464-9385. Ask him about your wheel, if they cannot I am sure he can direct you to someone who can.

Wheel refinishing: Fresh Wheels 623-341-1848 (They offer mobile service too). What they can do with curb rash is simply amazing...
Used to be a guy on Craigslist that advertised wheel repairs. I think he had a retail used wheel outlet. John
how much more specific can information get, really :lol:

I'm sure you can find a place in Phx. In Tucson, the company is NU Wheel. I would like to see the wheel "turned" on a lathe in place of milling.

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