JDM Tire Carrier

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Sep 17, 2011
Vernon Hills, IL
Was wondering how much interest there would be in these? I see them pop up for sale in jp all the time but the freight would probably be $500+.

This one is a whole kit.

Does it include the inner mounts as well?
I don't see how you would attach the lower latch shown to the stock NA lower tailgate, my lower tailgate is completely different than non-rear tire carrier spec.

in addition to whats pictured in OP, you need the inner supports within the body cut out from donor and you need at least the lower tailgate and maybe the upper tailgate as well. so probably silly to have sent from JP. :(
Always seemed kinda silly when you have swing outs available in the US. The guys that have these carriers on the 1HD-FT 80's in our group pull off the spare and weld on mounts for hilift jacks and shovels etc...
If you do go that route make sure to get the reinforcements in the quarter panel and the lower tail gate. We sell them with the quarter panel section lower tail gate and upper hatch. Besides doing to the quarter panel work it is bolt on.

Just a warning though cutting out and reinforcing the quarter panel is a major pain.
best idea would probably be looking for a donor in Canada. Save on shipping... there are breakers here if you do your research.

IMHO you have to REALLY want the oem look to go this route. Lots of costs just to buy not only the carrier, but your lower tailgate as well, and odds are that the paint won't match. You could almost buy a swingout bumper for the same amount, and with that you kill 2 birds with 1 stone...

but that's just me.

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