SOLD Jackson, MS 1986 Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser 193,000 miles with LOTS of upgrades and parts

Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 (Red / Gray)

The truck has 193,000 miles. (Unless otherwise noted, all items below have been installed / performed within the last 2,000 miles.) The exterior of the truck is extremely solid, is 99% rust-free, and it looks very good, with only minimal dings. This is one of the best outfitted, cleanest 60s I’ve seen. There are a few dings in the body, but none that couldn’t be removed by paintless dent removal. I may end up having that done. The hood / fender tops are having some clear coat coming off, and there are some very small corroded spots along the bottom edge of the windshield and one on the liftgate. To be uniform all over, it would need to have the hood/fender tops/windshield surround painted.

• Original-style, period-correct ARB “hockey mask” bull bar winch bumper. This is the truly early version with no turn indicators.
• Restored WARN 8274 winch, with Albright solid-state solenoids and new controller. I have not decided which rope to get, so there is none on the winch currently.
• Rear bumper with tire carrier (I’ve not been able to determine the manufacturer with 100% certainty, but I believe this is an original Iron Pig Off-Road model. In any event, like the front bumper, it is very “period correct.”
• It has rock sliders. I don’t know if these were fabricated by someone or a mfr., but they’re sturdy, and they look really good. (I’m not a fan of sliders that stick way out from the body, and these are nicely tucked under the rockers. They’re protective, but they won’t get your pants leg muddy every time you get out of the truck.)
• OEM Toyota (Koito) glass headlights with upgraded Toyota wiring harness with relays.
• DDM Tuning Saber 55W LED H4 headlight bulbs.
• Rodded-out and restored OEM Toyota radiator.
• OEM Toyota radiator cap.
• All new tie rod ends - purchased from Valley Hybrids, Stockton, CA - and cleaned/ painted draglinks
• I’ve been told the leaf springs on the truck are from BDS Suspension. I’m not sure of the age of the springs or the size of the lift, because these were on it when I bought the truck....and since they work so well / provide a good stance, I didn’t replace them.
• Since the leaf spring lift is appropriate for the truck, I installed Ironman Foam Cell Pro shocks to control the ride. It’s hard to put into words how great these shocks are!
• Reinstalled OEM front sway bar (with new end links) and added an OEM Toyota rear sway bar from an FJ62.
• New OEM Toyota battery. (Also added a positive-terminal distribution block on the passenger side fender.)
• New OEM Toyota front side marker assemblies.
• New OEM Toyota (Denso) a/c compressor.
• New OEM Toyota (Denso) receiver dryer.
• New a/c compressor belt idler pulley bearing.
• Recharged the a/c system with R134a refrigerant.
• All new OEM Toyota coolant / heater hoses, most hard piping, and thermostat.
• New OEM Toyota (AISIN) fan clutch.
• New OEM Toyota (AISIN) water pump.
• All new OEM Toyota accessory drive belts.
• Remanufactured OEM Toyota (Denso) alternator.
• New bearings in smog pump replacement idler pulley.
• Complete cylinder head rebuild (resurfaced, valves reground, valve seals, etc.)
• New OEM Toyota cylinder head gasket and valve cover gaskets.
• All new OEM Toyota cylinder head bolts (original ones were not reused.)
• Remflex intake/exhaust gasket.
• 6-into-1 exhaust header (already on truck).
• Exhaust is what was on the truck when I bought it. It turns down in front of the rear axle, and while the OEM muffler / tailpipe assembly is still available from Toyota, I like the way this one sounds so much, I left it on. For some reason this exhaust configuration sounds like a V8. I can’t explain why, but with this exhaust, it doesn’t sound like a 6-cylinder.
• New Holley Sniper electronic fuel injection system with triple filtration.
• “Robb Mc” performance PowerSurge self-contained electric fuel pump system for fuel injection.
• Restored OEM Toyota fuel tank (interior / exterior stripped, and exterior repainted).
• New OEM Toyota in-tank fuel pickup tube with filter.
• New OEM Toyota fuel level sending unit assembly.
• New OEM Toyota (Denso) spark plugs.
• New OEM Toyota (Denso) spark plug wires.
• New OEM Toyota distributor cap.
• New OEM Toyota distributor rotor.
• New OEM Toyota PCV valve and grommet.
• Added OEM Toyota “Euro” mirrors.
• Front and rear axle gear oil changes (appropriate lube oils used).
• Transfer case gear oil change (appropriate lube oil used).
• Transmission gear oil with correct GL-4 gear oil change (important on the H42 transmission).
• Front axle is OEM, with 3rd member from an FJ62 (4.10 gear ratio).
• Rear axle is a non-U.S. spec full-float model with 3rd member from an FJ62 (obviously, also 4.10 gear ratio).
• ARB air lockers in front and rear axles, with compressor and air chuck installed in the engine compartment.
• Wheels are original / correct OEM Toyota chrome wheels.
• 5 New BF Goodrich 33x10.50x15 KM3 mud-terrain tires (well, actually, the spare tire is a KM2, but as soon as BFG starts making the KM3 in this size again, I am going to swap it out with a new one.)
• Period-correct Tradesman full-length, gutter-mount roof rack (not the small one shown on the truck).
• The interior is about as nice as any I’ve seen. A rundown includes:
• The only current issue it has is the typical tear in the outboard side of the driver’s bottom seat cushion; however, I have a complete, untorn seat cushion assembly I’ve been saving for it. I didn’t want to install it now, because I wanted to make sure it remained pristine. Other than that, the interior is incredible....and includes:
• A rare, completely crack-free dash! I keep a fitted, carpeted cover on it to prevent sun exposure.
• A rare original OEM Toyota AM/FM radio in its original place (it’s not wired up, because my plan was to leave it for appearance only and use the radio in the console (see below).
• OEM Toyota inclinometer (yet to be installed).
• Very nice HVAC bezel. I also purchased an insert that goes where the ash tray is currently positioned. It allows for the installation of 4 Carlton switches that will operate the ARB air lockers. As an option, I also have a 3d printed replacement complete HVAC bezel that could be used instead of the OEM one. It will need to be sanded and painted per OEM, but it is a very rigid plastic and should put an end to the known cracking issue with this particular part.
• 80mil Noico sound deadener on the rust-free floor below the carpet and in the front doors.
• New “correct” ACC carpet, front to rear.
• New ACC carpeted mats (front / middle / cargo)
• I have the OEM center console, but I purchased a Smittybilt center console that will both accommodate a single DIN head unit and provide for a usable arm rest (it appears most people who convert their consoles to a usable unit use this model. I also planned to use the current driver’s seat cushion fabric to cover the console arm rest when I changed out to the new, perfect seat cushion. That’ll provide more continuity throughout the interior.)
• Skar Audio 5.25" speakers in the doors behind the factory grilles

I wrote this list from memory, so there may have been a few additional items I missed. However, this is an "at least" list to give you a good idea what I have. Also, at my asking price, I will include many, many, many, many FJ60 parts that I’ve collected over the years.

I have many, many more photos, and i can take photos of whatever area you'd like to see.


Driver in shop.jpg
Front in shop.jpg
Passenger in shop.jpg
Rear in shop.jpg
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May 2, 2004
Jackson, MS
I hope those of you who have vehicles listed for sale have a better time at selling something these days than I do! All I get are people who want to talk.....and not about the truck I'm selling, no, they want to talk about what they have (or worse, what they HAD!) (or the very worst of all: "yeah, I'm interested, but let me talk to the wife....") Sheesh! I'm glad to hear about your piles, but I didn't post my truck for sale to draw people in in hopes that they'd be inclined to vomit everything they know about Toyotas - but more specifically, THEIR Toyotas!

All that being said, I've decided I'm more motivated than I was when I listed it. Therefore, if you're interested in buying a really nice FJ60, let's talk.........but I mean about the truck in THIS thread.

Oct 22, 2010
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I have had the exact same experience. This is a beautiful 60. It's twice my budget, but I wish you the best of luck and may people not waste your time.

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