Im so exhausted :)

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Oct 19, 2010
Hi guys, today my hands were itching to cut my stock rusty rear section of my exhaust, and install a magnaflow muffler that I bought really cheap a year ago or so, and had some pipes laying around.
Took about 3 hours doing it myself, but still have a small leak in the bosal header at the flange( its was there for a whole time) that I haven got to yet.
I still consider myself a rookie at welding, yet this is not my first welding job. The exhaust is still needs to be fine tuned as far as the low location of the curve pipe that goes under the frame...
I was running out of time and had to reuse my stock hanger was the result of that. It Sounds mean right now with the exhaust leak, but I love it!!! I also temporarily dumped it before the rear axel, once I push it up higher its going to look even better tucked and painted :D
Here are some pics
Coments and criticism is more than welcome :)

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nice job

What used mig,tig arc. why the double cat. the second looks big enough.
great thread title :cheers:
Hi guys, sorry for the late reply, I tightened everything up last night and laid some paint a little to prevent corrosion. TAOTA: Cats got stolen, so I had to replace the header down pipe with bosal, which connected to the first cat. Before I bought my welder, I took my 80 to the muffler shop, they told me I have to install 2 cats " by their book", so I had to go buy a second magnaflow cat so they can weld it up. I just used the my Lincoln electric flux core mig welder, I love it.
But you're saying I only have to have one?? In that case, I can just weld up a downpipe from the manifold to the 1 magnaflow? Sorry for bad cell pics Sent from my
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I hope you don't have kids as dumping the exhaust under the mid vehicle is a no no.
Are you sure that the super hot exhaust gas won't cook anything on the axle housing?

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