HVAC Fan detonation?

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Feb 7, 2013
Hi all. Last year my HVAC fan developed the Hamster wheel squeak, off and on for most of the summer. It's been quiet for a long time now.

Then just the other day, it was making a meaner sounding sort of grinding noise. After a few minutes it faded away but when I hit the recirculate/fresh air button the noise would come back as the mechanism moved, about mid travel, and then fade out towards the end of movement. I hit the button to hear it again a few more times until tiny pieces of something shot out and hit me in the face, arm and eye. What the heck?
Ignoring symptoms eventually blows up in your face, so to speak.......
I have seen a similar design (GM) and the normal mode is the fan bearings start to stick blowing the fuse, ill informed owners would put a heavier fuse in and it would 'hold' for a few more days, until finally the car caught fire.

As per 'cruiserdan', you will often find small problems can become big very soon, you were lucky to not lose an eye,


Well no fuse monkey business going on here.... ever.

It was mostly like dirt sized particles. A few bigger from what I could hear. Ping! Pew!

Anybody got an inside view of the blower box so I can see the mechanism?
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