How often do ECU's die?

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Not sure on failure rates, but I know some toyota's from this era had problems with capacitors leaking. I haven't heard of anyone having this problem with the Land Cruiser. If yours does turn out to be dead it would be interesting to open it up and see if it has leaking capacitors like this. Apparently it can be fixed by swapping the capacitors if they haven't caused too much collateral damage.

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Cool. I've been wondering if I have a little of this. Specifically my tach randomly bounces around sometimes.
IIRC from the departed parts thread, new ECUs are no longer available from Toyota.
Cool. I've been wondering if I have a little of this. Specifically my tach randomly bounces around sometimes.

My tach also bounces around. Not much, but it will move a few hundred RPM, then move back. I never have figured out why.
Beno had a guy that went thru the semiconductors and replaced them.
Not sure if you need an Oscilascope (transistors check) or not.
I know of one person personally that had an ECU fail on a 1st Gen Tundra.
It was quite common with the domestic makes.
beachcomberspi: What year/model is your 80 series, and what were the symptoms, what codes, and were they all fixed by the replacement ECU (and what year was the replacement)??
The one on my '93 "died". After I replaced it with one from a '94 I opened it up and it had some very strange burn marks and some solder repairs. I don't know if it died a natural death or not.
It's a 97 and the Ultra Gauge detected a knock sensor was bad. One day on the highway all the sudden it felt like a parachute was attached, Violently slowing me down. At the same time i realized if I "feathered" it that it could go 40mph in second. It was erratic, almost like a bull ride. I had just sea foamed the fuel and tried to get the gas used if the sea foam had any ill effects. So I drove it on deserted/low volume roads until I had half a tank and refilled with no changes. I then noticed the modulator and a new one didn't help. It's now down at the dealership. They are thinking ECU so I bought one. They were asking 1889$$. I got a used one for 140$ and it's in the mail soon I hope. I don't know the year but a 95-97 should be compatible.

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