Homemade sandblaster

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May 30, 2008
Lansing, MI
Looking at the rust I have to deal with, Ive decided its to sporadic and in tight enough areas sand blasting will save alot of time and aggravation getting it dealt with. The marjority of it is around the spot welds all over the back end. I took the wire brush to some of them and the OE coating has pushed out enough the wire brush can not get a good bite. I will be doing this on my back, and as time permits.

Ive found some ideas on the net using 20lb propane tanks and was wondering if anyone here has any experience with a homebrew sand blaster. I have everything needed other than the ceramic tips.
You're going to need a BIG compressor if you want to do any blasting. If you do have a big enough compressor, I would just head to harbor freight and pick up one of their pot blasters for under $100
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I have enough compressor.

I removed the valve and drilled the holes I need in a spare 20lb propane tank. Tomorrow Ill get the bits I need and get it put together.

Guesstimate right now is I might have $20 and my time into it.

The work I have to do is all very small, but many spots. I wont be running the gun for extended periods cleaning large areas. Thats what prompted me to look up a small sandblaster.
If you are going to be lying on your back and blasting, you will have a lot of dust to deal with. Get a good respirator and eye protection. If you can get or rent a fresh air system like for painting, that would probably help.
Yep, I figured that out quick. I got the blaster all put together (minus a functional nozzle/gun) and boy does it make a mess! Thinking since ill be laying on my back, cut a hole in a sheet the size of a full face shield and tape the sheet to the shield, then get under the sheet to start blasting. Should keep most everything off me.

Ive also been seeing what it would take to put soda through the contraption Ive built. Sure would be a bit less mess for the less rusty areas.

Looks like you're using awfully small diameter hose. Are you getting enough air? Any clogging issues in the hose to the deadman valve? (I'm assuming you're using a deadman valve)

Hose is 3/8 and flows play sand freely. Regulator is set at 60psi and free flowing out of the end its taking paint/rust off the spare.

I do not have any apparatus for the discharge end of the hose yet. It will probably end up being a deadman valve.
Well, after getting the kinks worked out of building the first one, I built a second one with the ability to piggy back 2 smaller compressors incase I find mine is not able to keep up. Using a mixture of sifted HD play sand and some Black Beauty blasting media, 60 PSI through the regulator, 1/8" ceramic tip... Good results.


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