Homebrew fridge/stove slide combo

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Aug 1, 2011
Elkton, FL
I wanted the fridge/stove slide combo from AT but didn't want to pay $700 for it...


so I spent $60 and built my own.


I used 100lb slides and 3/4 sanded ply. i set it up so the fridge slide at full extension rests on the tail gate to allow me to exceed the 100lb slide limit.


I cant lie, the fact that every thing fit absolutely perfect was a complete coincidence. there is about 1/8" between the 3rd seats and the angle of the tailgate worked perfect.


the base is 18 x 28 so i when i can afford a legit fridge (probably a cheap edgestar) it should fit perfectly.



I threw a quick coat of rubberized undercoat on it, and will finish it later.


it installs and comes out in about 20 seconds if need be, mounted to the 3rd row seat mounts.


heading to the beach this weekend with burgers, dogs, and beer for a shake down run.


sure its not as refined as AT's product, but since i can afford to build 11 more for the price, i think this will do for now.
Very nice, though no platform for the propane bottle? or you using a hose to a bigger bottle?
I plan on mounting a larger 10# bottle on the tire swing once funds allow, ala spressomon

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but for us guys with tailgates (and wives worth keeping) there is just no reason to put 500lb slides on it. My tailgate can probably support well over a thousand pounds and my grill weighs 5 lbs.


Maybe AT could come out with one for the guys with tailgates using cheaper lighter slides in the $300 range.

On another note, it passed the beach test!






Nice looking setup. also the lady. Fridges are a must, and it is safer to buy a good one one time than two or three over time. The Fkoridian sands are awesome, for this type of exercise, and the slide is excellent, Dont let the AT slide intimidate you its not as good as one would think coming from AT. They have issues.
its here!

plugged it in and it quietly came to life and was freezing s*** with a quickness. both plugs worked, and it came with the original instructions as well as the spare fuses.

its got its bumps and bruises, but I foresee many years of service from a trusted name like Engel. the interior was clean and i can live with a few dents and scratches at 1/3 of the new price.
VERY VERY nice and they dont come much better, Ive had one for 6 years with ony a minor issue which Engle handled promptly. There great.
Can you post a photo of how you mounted to the seat mounts? Great setup- I definitely want to imitate!
alkarich said:
Awesome build for $60. Where did you source the slides specifically?

Thanks in advance.

Yes....do tell!
Neat setup - I'd love to see pics of how you attached it to the vehicle...this is something that I too would like to imitate
Awesome! I think i want to copy! Specs would be useful.
I am about to tackle a similar project. Was debating on puttina a grill under there but why not.

Here is a resource for the SLIDES - http://www.leevalley.com/en/Hardware/page.aspx?p=50505&cat=3,43614,43616&ap=1

Not my link, I got it from- > http://www.tacomaworld.com/forum/of...ombos-bs-thread-cus-were-never-serious-4.html

Just an IDEA, but you could secure these to a seated area easily. Get a couple of the circle head bolts used for hanging things -

4 to be exact. - Cut the circle into a hook by removing a little bit of the circle. Then measure the farthest point of the chair anchoring points. Drill the appropriate distance holes and use the newly fashioned hooks to attach to the factory mounting points. Secure with Nuts and washers.

Hope that makes sense. I am not always articulate when it comes to my engineering ideas. Basically you are reusing the factory mounting points with a couple home made hooks. Just make sure you buy large enough diameter circle head bolts.

the tension made from ataching the hooks should make moving around a NON issue . Also, you would need to (once mounted a couple times for fit) cut the excess off of the bolt end.

So the configutation should be
4 - circle head bolts
8 - matching nuts (can be substituted with 4 Nylock bolts and 4 regular nuts)
8 - LARGE washers
4 - Locking washers

Nylock nuts on the lower part of the shank, I know, a bitch to get them all the way down there. Tjis will save you in the future when you loosten up the whole rig from having to mess with the nuts all the time.

Then a washer. Put the bolt through the drilled hole now another washer, lock washer, then nut. Make sure you catch the factory mounting point and tighten it down.

Another idea would be, depending on clearance, some carabiners and 2 ratchet straps

Or 1 ratchet strap and a few aditional holes drilled for the routing of the ratchet strap itself. (4 holes in the base where the factory points are, and an additional 2 holes in one of the sides so the strap can be routed through and ratchet strap could be tightened on the side between the holes.)

Just IDEAS - I do not have this issue yet. I have a truck. :popcorn::bounce::popcorn::bounce2::popcorn::steer::meh:

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