Hilux 4 sale on Craigslist

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Aug 30, 2007
San Antonio Tx
There is a guy on craigslist Seattle that has a couple of hilux's for sale does anyone know him. Is he a dealer
1984 Toyota 4x4 diesel pickup
I've never met him. When I lived in Seattle I just never came up with the time to go visit his shop. But it's a shop that specializes in diesels (Toyotas and VWs from what I've seen)

He's got and has sold over the years a good number of diesel Toyotas. I don't know how a 4x4 powered by the 2L would do. I hear that the normally aspirated diesel isn't so hot in the 4x4 flavor. At low altitudes though I'd bet it'd be just fine on the highway. For wheeling, I think it'd be great. My turbo doesn't spool at all when I wheel, it might as well not be there.


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