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Colorado Boy-74-FJ40

I may grow older but I refuse to grow up!
Aug 5, 2005
Windsor Colorado
I found a good deal on an all-weather cover from It is an evolution 4 cover for $205.00 with free shipping. The question is, will a 78 FJ cover fit a 74 FJ? I think they are dimensionally the same, arent they?
no it wont. totally different, not even close to the same

just kiddin, should be fine
Thanks guys!
I've bought stuff from them and they have been pretty good to do business with. Let us know how the cover works out.(Pic)
Got my cover yesterday. Pics to follow. Fits pretty good. Seems about 4 inches too long (Don't get to say that very often!) I think it is supposed to fit the wagon also. The only drawback that I can see is that it only has 2 tie-down grommets on opposing sides below the cab doors. I live in a pretty windy area so I bungeed it for now. I think I will buy one of those grommet kits for tarps that they sell at hardware/outdoors stores. For $205.00 with a 4 year warranty I think it will do fine. I will put some desiccant canisters inside it to help keep the rust growth to a dull roar. Pics next week prolly.
Finally got some pics of the cover

Sorry it took so long to post pics of the cover. I ended up attaching the cover to blocks on the ground. It made the cover more taught and cut down on the wind flapping. It also makes it easier to un-do (don't have to crawl on the ground to un-do bungee cords from frame) I think it looks ok. Could be a little shorter. I think this will work for the pig also.
cover rear.jpg
I think if my wife ever makes me take my cruiser out of the garage, I'll have to purchase one of those covers. Only thing I'd be worried about, at my place, would be mice. We keep the cat out in the garage at night, and he's a darn good mouser. Cover looks plenty big enough, and heavy enough to stand up to some wind. Thanks for the pic's!
Colorado Boy-74-FJ40 said:
Seems about 4 inches too long... I think it is supposed to fit the wagon also.

No way a 4 inch difference would cover a 55.....

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