Help identifying tire - FJ45

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Jan 21, 2022
South Carolina
Having a tire identity crisis for my FJ45 truck. I currently have 33x10.5 BFG mud terrains but want to go for a narrower, more classic look, while still keeping close to a 31-32 diameter. I have seen these tires on a few FJ45s at auction but can't see any markers from the pics. I'm guessing they are some sort of bias ply tire. Anyone know what they are? The closest thing I could find were Yokohama Y720. I would prefer to have a radial tire for safety and durability, but just can't seem to find anything that I like the look of on the FJ. If I do decide to go radial, I'll likely go with 16" city racer wheels to give me the option of 235/85 R16 tires. TIA!

Those look like Coker Traxion’s.
Closest thing you will get is a Deestone D503 or a STA Super Traxion. And you will hate them both. Great looks but 1970’s traction, fast wear and poor ride quality. On the tall narrow front there’s also the Interco TSL radial in a 31x9.5/15 or if you want taller and more aggressive you can go Interco TSL/SXII in a 33x9.5/15. The intercos are less than ideal for road use as well. Wish there was an STA Super Traxion style tire in a radial with fancy rubber tech but that doesn’t seem to exist.
I think the Intercos are a good choice if…you plan to sell the truck after about a thousand miles of driving on them! 😛

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