Heater Control Unit Light Bulbs

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Aug 7, 2006
Both bulbs are out on the heater control unit on my 1991 FJ80. Is this a common problem? Is it a simple bulb swap or is there something I need to know. I have the Toyota 1991 Land Cruiser Repair Manual and it doesn't specifically cover that topic.
Piece 'o cake. Get the bulbs from Cdan and replace all of them while you're in there. Do a search if you have questions.

Before you go replacing bulbs, make a fist with your right hand while sitting in the driver's seat. Strike the top of the dash with the bottom of your fist directly above the air controls using a swift single blow with enough force to really shake things up, but not damage the plastic. I know it's silly but I've been using this method for a while now. Works every time.
The 91-92 configuration for lighting the heater control is different from the 93-97. The lights for the 91-92 come off of the fan switch as a couple pigtails and the bulbs are not serviced seprately from the fan switch.

I think that a 90981-11018 bulb may work in the sockets.
How do I take the heater control unit? Do I have to remove the entire dash?

Yup, the whole dash insert needs to be removed, it goes around the gauge cluster, and in front of the HVAC and stereo. Be careful with it, some section are very thin when you get it all loose, you'd hate to break it.

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