Good HDJ81 Diesel Mechanic - Nashville, TN

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Feb 10, 2016
Nashville, TN
Anyone know of a good diesel mechanic in Nashville, TN? Anyone know of a good diesel mechanic that knows Toyota diesel engines or the HDJ81?

Just thinking about purchasing an HDJ81. I'll probably have the big end bearings done right away. Other than that, just wanted to see if there was some one in town that really knew what they were doing.
andrew, do you turn wrenches?
best thing about an hdt.

for BEB, you need shells, rod bolts as they are torque to spec and really no reuseable, and FIPG black, a 14mm socket, a 12 pt 12mm socket and torque wrench, a 10mm socket, and a handful of 4" wallpaper scraper blades and a white paint pen.
...and if you have gray FIPG now between pan and block no one has dropped the pan. If Black (or orange) then someone has been in there.

black is for engine oil, orange for t case FYI. Gray is factory assembly.

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