Good brake bleeder for 100? Going to do my rear brakes (1 Viewer)

Sep 9, 2016
Odessa/Midland TX
I blead the brake about a week ago.

Key on engine off, paddle pressed in and hold.. crack open the bleeder screw rear passenger and wait... and KEEP an eye on the fluid level in the reservoir. You'll hear pump running and pushing fliud out of the bleeder screw. I got about 400 mL. Then close the bleeder. Refil and turn the ignition off. Wait and turn the ignition on again and continue left rear... repeat. Took no more then 40 minutes to bleed all 4.

After doing the last wheel, leave fluid between low and max. Give about 10 hours to see the actual level and add as needed. Mornings I have the level to the mid point of "Aisin" lettering and upon starting the engine, the level droppes to MAX.

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