Gamiviti Rack Wind Deflector Question

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Sep 8, 2016
Elk Grove, CA
Can anyone who owns a Gamiviti rack with the wind deflector installed give me some feedback here? My wind deflector has developed a rattle. If I open the sunroof and grab a hold of it the rattle goes away. I believe this goes back to my install when I couldn't figure out how to use the center two mounting holes.

Pictures below:
  1. Picture of outer mounting holes. I've centered the wind deflector using center of inner most bolt to edge of the post between the rack and basket. This is the same exact dimension on both sides as would seem sensible. From the front and measured to the roof gutter the deflector (and the rack) is very centered.
  2. When doing so the center two "mounting" holes are just dead center on the center post of the basket and the basked tube itself. There doesn't seem to be a way to really utilize these holes with the rubber hose loops/clamps provided and as such it rattles right there.
  3. A picture from the back side of the wind deflector.
I'm hoping other Gami owners will understand the description. Is it supposed to just be mounted off center to use these holes? Yes you are correct, some zip ties or new holes would solve it but then why are these there? Did I get shipped the wrong wind deflector?

I find the lack of any real install instructions very frustrating for the price of the product. Issues from day of delivery with this purchase.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated.




Have you tried to contact Tim? He's been very responsive to me with questions in the past. I doubt he'd want you to feel unsupported with one of his racks.
It may take @nakman a day or two but I imagine he will respond directly to you or this post.
Looking for input from Gamiviti rack owners in the community before taking up his time.

I did not use the center holes since they line up with the center bar. No way to use them, as you've discovered. I drilled more holes, evenly spaced, and put the clamps where I wanted them. You can see pics of my rack install in post #4 of this thread: Let’s see those aftermarket Roof Racks

I also had to remove a small portion of the fairing's bottom edge to better match the roof curvature. Basically increased the depth of the existing arc by about 3/8" at the center: Gamiviti installation '98 LC 100
I use 3/4" heater hose wrapped around the tubes in between the fairing. They're about 10" or so apart.
I would have seen your email faster. Fairings come in one size, and pre-drilled for a variety of applications. You won't use all of the holes.

For bolt-on fairings, use 4 pipe clamps across the top of the fairing, to secure to the main hoop of the roof rack. The other two clamps install on the lower Expo bar, spaced about 8" from the center. These lower clamps do not need to be bolted through the fairing, they are mainly there to prevent vibration. One tip is to twist & force the fairing into the lower clamps while tightening the tops, to give the fairing a little more down force, however generally the oncoming wind is all you need here. If desired, you can drill holes through the fairing to secure the lower clamps, but this is generally not necessary.

will try to find a better pic, let me know if you have any other questions.

I use the spring clips Tim offers for fast, 2-second removals and installations. They work GREAT for when I need to use the light bar, and no rattles! I'm also able to use all the holes including the middle hole =)
Thank you to all who replied, I now understand the proper way to mount these.

I use the spring clips Tim offers

@reznunt : Do you have a picture of these? They sound ideal. I can't seem to locate them on the Gami website and everything I have found online seems to create too much of a stand-off for my tastes.

I have a Gamiviti rack with the lightbar dropdown that uses the "removable" fairing with clips. One thing that worked for me to mitigate any rattle, was to put a thin 1/8" black rubber strip (window molding/weather stripping) along the front rails. When the fairing is on, the molding provides a buffer and there is ZERO rattle of any kind. With the fairing off, the molding isn't even noticeable. Anyway, I figure if you're getting rattles, that would fix it quick and entirely.

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