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Apr 9, 2009
Mason, Texas
I'm replacing the wheel bearings on my 97 80. The problem is... the hub will not go on far enough. There's no room for the adjusting nut.

I've doubled and tripled checked the races are seated and the bearings are installed correctly.

What am I missing? Thanks!


I had to monkey with mine, working it around a bit before it would slide on far enough. I agree with the post above that sometimes it catches, I can't recall on what, and that straight on (which would seem ideal) didn't get it done. I had to move mine around a bit at angles, gently, as I recall.
It's a good time to step away and stretch a bit, have a cold drink, and get back at it. You'll get it, just don't go BFH quite yet.
Inner bearing could be binding where it slips onto the axle.Make sure you hold the assembly up where it doesn’t drag when sliding it onto the axle.If necessary make sure the bearing(and seal)fits without the housing.
Thanks for the response guys! I've done this job several time without incident. I'm beginning to the the "SET47" bearing is not the correct bearing. I'm going to dig through a garbage can full of greasy rags and try to find the old bearing.

I used emory cloth on the spindle and made sure the bearing went on the spindle prior to reinstalling the bearing

The hub and rotor seem to be where they should be, but I still don't have enough threads for the adjusting nut. :mad:

Advise is much appreciated! Thanks again!!


Just might be a grease induced airlock, or poorly seated bearing/race.
Just might be a grease induced airlock, or poorly seated bearing/race.
I think you may be correct. I finally torqued on the nut next to the thrust washer and gained the final 3/16" needed for the adjusting nut. Everything seems fine. I've replaced many wheel bearings... never had this happen before.
That hub seal didn’t look to me like it had been driven in deep enough.

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