For sale 1990 HD-T 81 Vx limited

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Apr 22, 2017
Thinkung of selling my 1990 HD-t 80. It need an OOP inspection. It also needs some repairs including a front axle overhaul.
I am not in the position to do all the repairs right now, but would be a worthy project for someone looking to get into a diesel 80 series.
I’m still trying to source what’s needed in cas it doesn’t sell.
It’s on Mickey Thompson 35’s and an OME 2” lift. Arb bumper and a warm 12000 lb. winch. The bushes have frozen in the winch, should be able to be freed up easy enough.
It has a bit of trail rash, but not in bad condition, very little rust but a few dent. Big fuel pin gives it lots of go but is a bit obnoxious if you don’t like black smoke.
It has a beautiful welded aluminum roof rack.
I’m looking for $10,000, but will consider trades for another land cruiser or Toyota pick up.
Thanks for reading. Pm me if interested.
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Some minor stuff like burnt out lights, but the major is the front axle. Diff is blown up and can’t move with the front drive shift in it. 4x4 needs to be operational for it to pass. I got quotes for the repair for $2-3000. I also found a guy on the mainland with a complete axle for $800. I’d loose the front locker, but don’t want to do the type of wheeling where it would be required anyway. Exhaust flex couple broke, I picked one up, but haven’t had a chance to put it in. Rear axle seal, windshield...

I’m used to having a full shop to work in and the biggest part of the problem is I no long have this after a recent move.
I love the truck but have to pick and choose my head aches.
Dosent the locker gear fall out of place without that axle in place? Might make a couple more good bangs and snaps before it's quiet.
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I have a non-locked axle.
I have a an fj-80 high pinion 4.10 3rd is that helps?
I have a 87 toyota pickup with a 2l-custom turbo 4x4 flat deck or a 84 bj60 might be willing to entertain a trade. plus cash of course. Both valued at 5 grand each.

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