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Nov 1, 2015
Casper Wy
Hey all, I was recently poking around a junkyard just up the street from my house and came across what appears to be a '63-'64 fj45. Currently own an 80 and a 100, been looking for a 40 for a while and came across this one right up the street. Anyways I am looking for any advice you guys can offer on it. The guy wants 5,000 for it, says it runs. Thats really all the information I have right now, I will stop by there tomorrow to take a closer look and grab some more pictures. Thanks


Is it worth it...yes. Will it cost you 3-4 times that much to make it great...YES! Rust on bed is a huge money burner. Plow frame in the second picture could indicate a rough life and hidden issues. stock rims, stock mirrors, good hood, good door(s)...nice start. With the patina trend, you could save some dough and get it running with the same original look. Skip the 40...unless you are over 6-1. That cab is tight.
Buy it..
I’d personally delete this thread if your serious about buying it. Or change your location in your handle to none of your business...
I’d personally delete this thread if your serious about buying it. Or change your location in your handle to none of your business...

From here it will cost $4.630 to get there in 24 hours, and will need to leave now, is that worth it?

Here is a (not mine) local FJ45 of similar build:

What year did they move the rear differential to the side? I believe that the 45 received a rear corner window before the 40, correct? You might be limited to a single barrel carb (or dual carb option) by the configuration of the early head, but I'm no expert.

It is going to be difficult to inspect the frame on the Wyoming one, but the usual spots are in the areas are the back 6 spring / shackle hangers, and the rear gussets and bumper. I'd rather work on a 45 with no bed than a 40 with no tub, so that would seal the deal for me even if the condition of it was marginal. #4510 1965-1967 FJ45 Short Box
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I think the centered diff went away mid-63. My 63 SWB fixed top which I've estimated is early 63 (possibly an end of 62 build of a 63 model). Mine also has the "welded" windshield frame, this one has the bolted windshield frame. The doors have the longer trim bump which I think is another mid-63 changover (?). Not sure when the SWB's went from fixed to removable top, maybe '64?. And it looks like it has the rear windows! If this is truly runnable (engine and drive train in tact), this is a "go for it" in my book. But WE need to see more pics, a lot more :). (There's also a 45 owners section you might want to visit and post there).
Didn’t think you could ever find a 45 in a junk yard these days!! Nice find! Non centered diff, probably a 64. Look at the frame vin on the right front frame horn, will have a 3- fj45.... or a 4-fj45.... denoting the year of manufacture. Looks solid, has a later f engine, fun truck but not for my 6’2 frame!!
This will be fun!
Wow! Great! Looking for updates on this. BTW I love the color..... my fj45 shares Rustic Green!

EDIT: Are those rear sliders on the hardtop???? Never seen those on fixed top!

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