FJ45 Tailgate Letters (1 Viewer)

Apr 21, 2005
Believe when Metric was still around Shane sold two versions. One was just white while the other was reflective. Not sure who make what SOR sells. I know in the past SOR has bought up repos people have made. I know.they bought up the rest of the early hubs that were chromed steel. I see them still but out of stock.
Jan 17, 2005
Southern Colorado
DIY! - Make a rubbing of the embossed letters on your FJ45 tailgate using butcher paper and a dark pencil. Cut out the letters. Trace them onto 3M sign vinyl (get a couple feet of this white or black sheet material at a local sign shop). Cut out the letters, hold up to tailgate and do a final trim on each letter until it's perfect. Peel and apply.

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