SOLD FJ40 Front Cowl / Firewall - San Diego

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Oct 22, 2019
San Diego
United States
I have a spare front cowl assembly out of what I think is a 1973 or 1974 FJ40. It was separated at the pinch weld to the rear tub just behind the B pillar. Looks to be in very good condition. Comes with running boards.


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That’s a great price. Great condition. GLWS.
Great price
great price, but it is indeed a 73.
thank you
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yep, sorry, phone corrector on french phone :)
Probably not needed so much in dry California. Here in the midwest it would have been sold by now.
If I had the money and a way to get it to Atlanta I would probably take it. My cruiser was rolled by a PO son years ago and messed up the passenger pillar. I had it straightened out some when I had the body work done. Also there was a figure 8 hole and some other small holes in it. I thought the figure 8 hole was factory and didn’t have it filled back with medal. I ended up making the hole a little bigger and put an heater delete plug in it. It’s just below where the heater lines comes through the firewall. Luckily you don’t notice it from the inside because the shield that covers the heater lines when they come through the firewall hides it. But it use to bother the hell out of me and any purist.
I’m also positive it’s a 74. My cruiser is a Nov 73 build and the acceleration bracket changed in Oct 73.

Besides the accelerator switching from cable to linkage with the 74 model a few other things changed. Heater and blower changed with the 74 model. Should be a small Bracket that operated the cowl vent in 73. Then probably the easiest is see it the cowl vent was welded close. With the hole for the blower it is a factory heater model. 74 the vent was welded shut.

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