Fj 62 question

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Dec 14, 2021
Hey guys, Had a question,
What does a fj 62 stock engine sound like? Just mine runs fine and everything but ever since I got it when motor is on it makes slight clicking like a little lifter noise but I’m not sure that’s it….Cause I’ve had mechanics say these motors sound like that and It that this motor looks fine. Any info? Thank you
It’s a old engine, mine sounds a little tickety tacky too even though it runs well. I have asked myself this question many times, and wonder if a valve adjustment would help.
3FEs are normally a little loud.

On my 3FE, the main source of noises are the rocker arms and the injectors. When my 3FE is fully warmed at idle, the rocker noise goes almost completely away, and the only thing are hear are the injectors. "fully warm" doesn't mean when the temp gauge reads warm - it's when the entire block and oil are warm. So 10-15 minutes of running. If you give it a rev, you can hear the rockers again.

The best I can describe it, is that rockers sound like lightly tapping a screwdriver blade on a table, while injectors sound like quietly clicking a retractable ball-point pen. If your valve clearance has never been adjusted, adjusting it can make a big difference for rocker noise.

In general, as long as you don't hear a loud knocking/hammering sound, it's probably normal.

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