Finally! Newbie's Pictures(yeah, it's black)

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Mar 6, 2007
Vancouver, Wa
I just joined the forum last month. We finally have our 1973 FJ40 up and running. And here's a couple of attached pictures to take a look at.​

Warn Hubs, sbc 350, toy 4sp/transfer, onboard Co2, 32's BFG's, the rest is basically stock. New windshield and winch this next week. New tie rod ends next week, and it'll be COMPLETELY DONE!!(yeah, right) Only part I wish I did not do was put the diamond plate on the perfect back doors, too much time on my hands I guess.​

Thanks to all of you for helping me with this great project!!:cheers:

I never could have done it without the Forum.....​

Here is hopefully a bigger picture. I'm still new at this whole "photobucket" "file size" thing. This is the only picture I could get to work. When I get my silver star, all will be better.

Thanks for the heads up on the picture size, you're right, you can't tell what it is.

Yeah, all 4 of my cats have been sleeping in my truck for 2 years. They love the driver's seat while they're hanging out in the garage.

They can't seem to figure out why it's not sitting there anymore.
Nice cruiser

That thing has more D-plate than mine:D
black...hmmmm..... never made a black fj40....must be a wrangler:rolleyes:

Hrm... Landcruisers never came with SOA either... those must be Wranglers too.

Most didn't come with power steering either... Wrangler again!

35"+ tires... Wrangler... aaaaaauuuuugh!

Face it boys, we're all driving Wranglers in 'Cruiser clothing... I think I'll go hide in a corner somewhere and brood.


Personally, I think the black looks sweet. Not a color I'd paint my own rig (in California it would be an oven), but I'm not limiting myself to stock colors to satisfy some sort of puritanical obsession.
If it were a completely stock vehicle I could see where you would want stock colors. That being said there are few stock 40's left. I've had a lot of people say I should paint my orange cruiser a stock color. I say screw that. There is nothing stock about it. Almost every part has been modified in some way and I'm not about to start now changing that. My first 40 was black and I liked it. Black is black makes buying a can of touch up spray paint easy.

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