Finally got my hands on a pig! 79 Model bog stock

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Jul 26, 2010
Hi All,

so i finally managed to get a pig to add to the collection of landcruisers. I've got an FJ40 and an HJ47 so this completes the trio! It's completely stock, 2F, 4 speed, drum brakes all round. Car has spent most of its life in the country so for an aussie 55 it's pretty good. At some stage someone has given it a bit of love and bogged up the rust holes and painted patches to keep it looking decent. Someone along the line decided to paint it to the typical brown and white combo, but it was originally blue and white. Interior is surprisingly good, no rust in the floors. Bottom of the guards and the sills have a little rust as to be expected. The roof...... well.... yeah.... has seen better days and i'm guessing it has quite a lot of bog in it too. Mechanically it is great. No leaks, no drips, runs very smooth, stops impressively well.

Current intentions are to get the worst of the rust out of it, give it a new coat of paint back to the original blue and white colour, give it some lift and bigger wheels, maybe disc brakes then get it on the road. And then get it off the road :)

Decided to hit the left side of it this afternoon with the wire wheel in my grinder. The bottom is looking as good as i'd hoped. The roof however..... Worse than i'd thought. Now i don't know if i should just do what the previous owner had done or if i should cut rectangular strips and weld in new metal. That's going to take a lot more time and skill. Luckily i don't have a job atm so time i have!

It looks like someone has put small pieces of metal in behind the holes in the roof as somewhere for the bog to sit when they "fixed" it up last time. Going to try and get them out and possibly use them as the steel at least for some of the holes i have to work with.

Starting to think too that i may have to rip the headliner out as well, just so i can clean up the inside of it all as well. Which means i also have to take the windows out. Luckily those rubbers are in great condition so i don't have to stress about finding new ones. I just have to make sure i don't break the window in the process....
Nice, pretty sure you'll have to remove the headliner if you're welding in new steel for the roof.

What's the colour code on the plate?

Cheers! Yeah it's very straight. That's why the rust that is in it didn't bother me toooooo much. I was hoping that it wouldn't have been as bad in the roof but meh. So yeah, going to remove the headliner cos knowing my luck i'll get weld splatter somehow work its way in and burn holes in it otherwise.

Colour code on the plate is 278! Blue/White!!!!!!
Yep, ambo/barn doors. No power steering or aircon yet, but i've already organised factory power steering through a mate of mine in Brisbane. Should get it in the next few weeks. If for some reason he doesn't come through with it though i've got everything here to do 60 series conversion so i've got that sorted either way. Gotta get the body work done first though. He also has aircon but in 17 years of driving i've only ever had ac in 2 cars spanning over maybe 2 years. So i don't really care if i have it or not.

Ferntucky - you'll probably notice a few spelling "mistakes" in this thread. You'll just have to get used to it :p
So got a bit more wheeling done today..... wire wheeling that is!

Exposed a bit more..... bog.... So means i have a bit more welding to do than i'd hoped. But i won't be afraid to throw bog into is as well. I'm not going to push my abilities at this stage.

The roof gutter compromises of a few panels spot welded together. But the gutter itself to the body has a factory filler between it. I'll get a pic of it soon. I've ground it all out and i'm now thinking of running a weld all the way along it and smoothing it off. There's heaps of pressed steel there together so i know it won't warp so there's little risk in doing it. Thoughts anyone?

Wow, that's a fair bit of rust. Just all over the place, make me wonder what it was used for it previous life,

Also makes me happy, cause I really got no rust in mine.

Going to be sweet, working on little pieces at a time. Soon enough you'll have a great pig.

I'll be curious to see your solution for the roof, as I have a feeling that mine is very similar. I can tell that the PO put a bunch of "bog" along the gutter on mine too.

Oh boy, the magic of the wire wheel.....:worms:
For a pig in Aus it's actually really good. Except for that roof of course.....

The wire wheel really does chew things through pretty quick. It does look like whoever did the work previously at least treated it somewhat inside to stop it coming back. So i'll continue to do the same.

I started welding up the holes today. Got to grind them back smooth tomorrow. Haven't plated anything yet but will when i get to those bits. Except the roof. I've decided to bog it up. primarily because i found out just how easily combustible that headliner is...... Had it peeled back a good 10" from the edge. Next thing i now there's a whole lot of light coming from the inside of the truck...... woopsie! Looks like i'll be getting a new liner. Made that decision a bit easier on myself!

I put it out pretty quick but as you can see the damage was done preeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty quickly!

If you're talking about the sealer in the gutter, then most just get all the old out, then use a modern seam sealer made for the job. Paint right over it. Seals the gutter up nice.

Sorry to hear about the headliner, but at least you seen it.
Thanks for the tip! I'm guessing they use the same thing for between the lower and upper guard at the front too? Handy to know for my 47.... there's not much of that seam sealer left.

Yeah i had a good laugh about the head liner. Only happened cos i thought i took enough care to have it not happen. Oh well.
Hi Roadkilldovii.
I had the same issue with the roof, I had to cut it, and fab right and left sides, and the inner structure. Much much work, but welcome on board.
Have a look at my thread New french pig.
My fibreglass guards arrived and unboxed them today! No pics yet but i'll be on that tomorrow. Have a little repair to do on one of them but nothing compared to the repair needed on the steel ones i have!

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