Finally got my 35's

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Sep 5, 2006
Boulder, Co
yes, life is good. and say goodbye to the silly AT's i have been running. those things lasted way too long.
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that homemade bumper sure lookes good on there too, if I do say so myself! (can you tell I'm proud?)
NIce I like it
Looks mean. I wouldn't have figured 35"s would fit that well without a SOA. What are you running for lift? 4" spring? Any body lift?
i am runnign OME's heavy heavy's with a 1.25" body lift, and 3.75 BS wheels. I am thinking i am going to have to add wheel spacers (tho they haven't rubbed yet) and longer shackles eventually. it loosk like it's gonna work fine tho.

I basically eyeballed the 4+ bumper on man-a-fre's site to make mine. if you want i could take measurements, but it is basically a "wing it" thing. I made a few patterns, but not really anything you could use..

look at my bumper thread, it showspretty well how i did it.
and yeah, josh.. you could build it no problem. it is just a matter of taking a little bit of time. it took me about two full days, sun-up to sun-down to get mine done start to finish.
oh man, honestly, i like it a lot more than the old 33's. it goes straighter, rides smoother, sails over pot holes, and still stops fine. I mean, i was pretty worried about how it'd ride, but i love it. I even avoided a head on collision at 70mph or so with a healthy swerve and we didn't roll it. pretty crazy experience, but hey, i figured it was worth mentioning.

I miss the smokies being out here in colorado BTW....
wow!!! I totally dig the look of your rig! looks great, the best combination is definitly 35's SUA, I'm also interested on the bumper. I've been lookig for something like that.. could you post the link of the bumper thread

Thank's and congrats! enjoy it!
Very nice,

color and tires = good stuff

hows the power with the bigger rubber? did you change the gearing in the 3rd's
That looks great. :beer:
Three cheers for Spring Under cruisers with 35"s! :D
here's the link to the bumper buld: My bumper build - Rising Sun Member Forums

Power is still more than adequate (the v-8 takes care of that) but the low ratio ain't so low anymore. I can cruise at 80 all day long in 5th no problems... but it likes 4th too. the main issue is that most of the time i find myself in-between 3rd and 4th. Soooo... i'll be regearing here in the next little while. lookin' to go with 4.88's i think. Top priority is to get the rear bumer and sliders on before moab though... which will be tough since i am out of town for work every weekend but one this next month. eek.

yep, those are BFG MT 35x12.50 - 15's :)

thanks for the props guys! makes me feel good about her!

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