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Sep 21, 2006
Sangre de Christo Mtns of North Central NM.
I know little about 12 Volt D.C. and less about electric winches. But, I want to mount a winch on my car hauler trailer and i have this Superwinch 3,500 lb new in box that has been sitting on a shelf in my shop since 1999.

So, if I mount the winch on the trailer and run two long jumpers to the battery in the truck will that work without burning up the winch? I have no idea if voltage drop is an issue with 12 Volt D.C. and winches. The install manual says there needs to be a battery within five feet of their winch. So how come?

Sorry if this elementary, but, well you know and I don't.


Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
If you want to be technical about it, look in the manual and see how much current that winch draws. You are unlikely to get close to it's max load, so power leads that can handle whatever current it draws at around 2000lbs load for the circuit length ought to be fine.

Then, you use that current number and length of cabling required to look up guage req'd on a chart, here is a good one - http://resources.myeporia.com/company_57/9113.pdf

Assuming 200amps @max load, 25' circuit and 10% drop in voltage, I got 2-4 ga wire req'd. The chart I linked to above is conservative, and geared towards wiring loads that have to handle high duty cycles, which your winch likely will not.

OR, 2ga ought to be fine. :D

There are other options for wiring, but just wiring it straight to the vehicle battery is the simplest and likely the most reliable.
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